Year of the Tiger

Our daughter, Renee, always sends out New Year’s cards.  Now that she has a son, he is always prominently featured on the card.  The year of his birth was the Year of the Rat – little Ben was pictured in a photo (by me) with a stuffed animal mouse.  Ben was dressed in a little kimono – it was very cute.  His second year, 2009, was the Year of the Bull.  Renee took an amazing picture of Ben running toward the camera, with the Wall Street bull sculpture behind him, looking like the bull was chasing him.

This year, the Year of the Tiger, we tried, unsuccessfully, to get pictures of Ben at the zoo with a tiger in the background.  The tigers did not cooperate.  They were sleeping and completely oblivious to all the spectators who were waiting for them to awaken.  I thought perhaps I could do a watercolor of a tiger that Renee might be able to use.  I researched on-line images of tigers, and finally found one that I liked and could possibly copy.  This is the resulting image.

I use mostly M. Graham watercolors – I like the fact that they are made with honey, and they can be re-moistened even after a very long time of disuse (which is very good for someone like me!).  The colors are amazing.  I did this painting on a 5×7 watercolor pad.

Renee was very happy with the results, and she used it, along with one of my photos of Ben, to make this year’s card.  I had edited the photograph in Photoshop by taking Ben out of a picture and placing him on a plain blue background.  Again using Photoshop, I added the grass around his feet, and some around the tiger to tie them together.  This is the image that ended up on her final New Year’s card.

Happy New Year!