Navy Pier sketches

My husband and I celebrated his birthday last week by visiting Navy Pier. He was kind enough to wait while I did a little sketching. I sketched the prow (I think that is what it is called!) of the ship, “Windy.” The sky grew darker as I was sketching, and the boat was filling up with tourists. As I finished my sketch, the boat sailed away, and a soft rain started to fall.


We went up to the Crystal Garden, where I did the following sketch.  I am still debating if I will add watercolor to it.


Everyday Matters – Day 1

I have challenged myself to draw something every day.  Whether or not that happens, remains to be seen.  I will follow the suggestions  on the Facebook page for Everyday Matters.  The first assignment – draw a shoe.  I decided to draw my baby shoe, which I am assuming is the first shoe in which I walked, at the age of 9 months.  In keeping with the fashion of the day (the 1950s), my mother had my shoes bronzed for posterity.  The pair sits on our bookshelves, collecting dust.  But, they make good bookends!


Starting over

“Starting over” is an apt title for this post, as I haven’t posted anything here since February of 2011!  The year 2012 has been the most difficult year of my life.  I have turned – or returned – to art as my therapy of choice.  I am pretty much starting over with drawing, sketching, watercolor – these seem to be the only things I can concentrate on at the moment, although there are so many other things that I “should” be doing!  (Laundry, making dinner, finding room for all my “stuff” – and the list goes on!)

One project I have become involved in is the Sketchbook Project, through Art House Coop in Brooklyn, New York.  When you sign up to do a sketchbook, they send you a small 5×7″ book.  You pick a theme and then fill the book with whatever you choose to create.  You can also make a book out of your preferred paper, as long as it remains the prescribed size.  I have decided to make my own book out of hot pressed watercolor paper.  I chose this paper because it accepts watercolor well, and is smooth enough to write on.  The theme I chose is “Memoir,” which, of course, will be all about my son, Michael, who passed away in February at the age of 33.

I had dozens of ideas for the book, which was driving me crazy, and finally decided to do watercolor backgrounds on the pages, beginning with a bright, cheerful page and getting slightly darker as I work through them.  I also wanted to include bits of songs, because I love music, and so did Michael – although we had quite different tastes in music!  Here are the first two spreads.