Sketchbook Project 2013


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28 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project 2013

  1. This is Beautiful, Thank you Mary for sharing, Anyone that had the honor of knowing or meeting Michael was touched by his amazing spirit.and how blessed he was to have had a mother and family who loved him so much. Love to you all!

  2. My dear Mary… what a beautiful journey it was sharing your innermost thoughts and traveling back in time to remember sharing so many of those moments in both of your lives! The tears are warm with the many memories I have of Michael and my J.R. as little boys filled with innocence, a love for life and a bond that only they understood! What a difference Michael made in his life…in mine… and in the lives of everyone who knew him like we did! It saddens me to see and hear where his mind took him in the end, when I remember this boy who only wanted to be treated like a regular kid and fought so hard to be just that! My respect and awe for you was only magnified after reading this and feeling you as you drew those images of your amazing son! I hope it brought you peace! God bless and thank you for sharing him with us and the world for so many wonderful years!

    • Jayne – thank you for those kind words! When I was doing this project, I was thinking about J.R., Brian, Jeff, and Kevin and Corbett and Kathy – and so many friends of Michael. I was wishing I could put all of them in this little book. They were all the best part of Michael’s life – as were you – and believe me, I have never forgotten or stopped caring about all of you. I am so glad you were all there!

  3. This is really a great piece; the love, dedication, patience, endurance and compassion do shine through!! Thank you for putting this in a format for others to see just some of what is in your heart.
    Loving you and learning from you daily,

  4. Beautiful! This is what a journal should be – personal and heart-felt, Sad, yes, but it celebrates Michael’s life. Thank you for posting it here!

  5. This is a wonderful tribute showing incredible love and compassion. I can’t imagine how you found the courage and strength to do this. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate everyone’s comments. I dragged my feet on this project for a few months, and then had to finish it quickly – one day before the deadline, which is how I usually do things! I’m glad I did it – it was very therapeutic.

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