He’s a good egg!

I have had several months of doing other things, including an art fair where I sold some photographs (yay!), and over two months of illness in our house (we are still coughing!).  I hope to concentrate more on working with watercolors again.  This is something I did two weeks ago.

A very dear friend of mine has been in the hospital for a very long time, and was recently moved to a nursing home.  At one time in his life, he was an illustrator for egg cartons (I was a child at the time, but I believe that is what he did).  To honor him (and because we haven’t been able to visit him due to our horrible colds and flu), I did this painting of an egg on a watercolor card.  I attached a small mat board to the card (just in case anyone wanted to frame it!).  Inside I wrote – “You’re a good egg!  I’m sorry you have been feeling so rotten!”  He and his family were delighted with the card, as I hoped they would be.  Which made me feel good!