Flowers in Blue Vase

FlowersInBlueVaseLoResDo all beginning watercolorists like to paint flowers?

I do – I don’t know why – they aren’t particularly easy to paint, and I never seem to get the final image to be what I see in my mind.  But they do seem like the perfect subject to begin with — I guess because they just sit there, looking beautiful and colorful.  So I keep trying because, even though they aren’t perfect (and who wants perfect, anyway?), it’s fun and it makes me happy! And that’s the most important thing.

This particular watercolor is an attempt at painting negative space, to produce white flowers.  I love the ultramarine blue color – one of my favorites – and I especially love it with the orange-y background, which I made with a combination of gamboge and raw sienna.  (I think that’s the combination I used.  I don’t actually remember – middle age is hell, and I should write all these things down while I’m doing them!)

I liked my final effort.  I scanned the image and printed a greeting card for a (much younger) friend who is pregnant – she loved it!  That makes all the effort worthwhile – I love when someone loves what I’ve done!

I really wanted to take another watercolor class this summer, but I will be exhibiting (and, hopefully, selling) my photography in an art fair this September, which means I need to concentrate my efforts (and my finances) on that project before I can do anything else.  I’ll be offering prints on canvas, which is new for me.  I think that’s due to the frustrated painter in me!

Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Flowers in Blue Vase

    • Thank you! I took a couple of classes about three years ago. I’m just getting back into it. Our grandmother and aunts painted, so we have that in our favor!

    • Carol, thank you so much! I deeply appreciate your observation, and I am feeling very encouraged by all the positive comments this has received. I can’t wait to do more with watercolors! Thank you, everyone!

    • Hi Leslie, thank you! Yes, I’ve been very busy with the photography – I’m getting ready for an art fair in September, and that is taking all my time! But I will not be giving up on the watercolors – thank you for checking in!
      : )

  1. I think you’ve done a lovely job with this painting – watercolor is one medium I’ve yet to try because it seems so difficult. Your flowers are rather impressionistic and have an almost “dreamy” quality to them.

    • Wow – thank you, Jackie! It’s been a while since I posted anything, and your comment was a very happy surprise. Thank you, again! : )

  2. I love your flowers in a blue vase that’s pushed forward because of the complimentery orange in the background. Don’t cut yourself down for a beginning piece like this. I like your highlights on the vase, too. You are saving the white of the paper there and on the flowers. Good job.

    • Thank you, Leslie! Your comments are always welcome. I love that you take the time to look at my work and offer encouragement! Much appreciated.

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