Drawing for Tea Time note cards

Tulip tea lo res

Hydrangea tea lo resI am having a drawing for a free set of ten “Tea Time” note cards.  Details are on my photography blog, The Photo Seen.  The note cards consist of two each of five different images, mostly Polaroid images, that have been manipulated to look like paintings (as in “Hydrangea Tea” shown below) or drawings (as in “Sunflower Tea”).  “Tulip Tea” (right) is a digital manipulation, with the tulips having the effect of watercolor painting.

Sadly, the Polaroid film that was used to make four of the five “Tea Time” cards is no longer being manufactured.  I do have a little of it left, and am looking forward to finding just the right project for it — and hoping that it will still be usable!

Meanwhile, do have a look at my other blog, The Photo Seen, which will tell you how to win a set of note cards.  Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Drawing for Tea Time note cards

  1. how beautiful these drawings!i love the color and the composition of them~i have started to draw flowers in pencil~and sunflower is my most favorite flower:)
    thank u for sharing these lovely note cards!

  2. Thank you, Leslie! I appreciate your comments, always! Tulip Tea began with a digital photograph – I did not draw the cup or the teapot. It is all enhanced or manipulated through Photoshop. I also used a Wacom tablet to paint the tulips.

  3. I like both of these, but especially Tulip Tea. Is the whole thing a digital manipulation or are the teapot and cup drawn. I like how intricate everything looks.

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