The Six of Us

Last October, I painted four of these 5×7 cards – one for each of our children – to mark the 20th anniversary of becoming a family.  My husband and I met in 1986, when I signed up my son for Cub Scouts, and my future husband was the Cubmaster.  He, too, was divorced, and was raising three children.  We were married in 1988.  The painting I did represents each member of our family.

My husband is the paint brush (he is a plasterer and painter).  Our oldest daughter, somewhere along the way, fell in love with a beautiful, blue Morpho butterfly, which represents her in this image.  Our second oldest daughter, who was an exchange student during high school and college, and who remains passionate about global issues, is the globe.  Our oldest son is represented by the rainbow, a symbol of pride for the GLBT community.  Our youngest son is represented by the playing card, “Ace,” because that is the name he prefers to be known as during his clandestine outings (hmmm…).

I, of course, am represented by the camera because there is always one in front of my face.  No one really knows what I look like any more.  Which is probably a good thing.


2 thoughts on “The Six of Us

  1. Very creative idea. Also. I traveled to your photography and was soooooo impressed with your black and white photos.

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