Oranges and Irises

So, where was I….a month ago…  (This will never be a daily, or even a weekly, blog!)

Last month, I mentioned that I love watercolors, and had decided to jump in and try it (two years ago).  Which I did by joining a watercolor class in Chicago, taught by Ed Hinkley of Ed Hinkley Studio.  He is a wonderfully talented artist, and a very patient teacher!  I learned a lot from that one 10-week session in the summer of 2007.  I also worked at home with a few how-to books, which allowed me to follow step-by-step and take my time doing it.  Here is a painting that I copied directly from a how-to book, “Watercolors, a step-by-step guide.”  

Oranges, mug and pepper mill [Note: This book is no longer being sold by Barnes & Noble (who also published the book), but one used copy can be found here.]  While I enjoyed painting these oranges, and I actually like it (it’s hanging in my kitchen), I really prefer the “loose” style of watercolor – which is what my teacher was trying to teach me.  That is much harder than I thought it would be!  One painting that I did in class was of irises – it isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible.  I love the heads of the flowers, but the leaves are pretty awful.  In fact, I won’t even show you the whole painting.  : )


I was seriously thinking about Photoshopping everything out of this painting except for the two large iris heads and their stems – I may still do that, and use it on a greeting card.  

I am definitely going to practice leaf painting.


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